Welcome to Strategic Heart Failure. This will be your hub for getting information, news and most importantly tools for you to use in order to get optimal care for anyone who has heart failure, sometimes called congestive heart failure or CHF.

WHAT is heart failure. It is a broad range of heart diseases that can be caused by many things including high blood pressure, blocked arteries, diabetes, obesity and so on. However, it is when the heart, which is the blood pump to the rest of the body, is not working as it should. It can be severe requiring treatments like a heart transplant or a mechanical device (LVAD) to support the heart function. It can also be without signs or symptoms. And that is why it is important to know all the details about your form of heart failure or even your risk of having heart failure and how it is best diagnosed, managed and treated. AND to be the leader of your team.

WHAT is Strategic Heart Failure. After more than 35 years of caring exclusively for patients with heart failure, leading programs, lecturing, writing books and guidelines about heart failure I have realized that having great doctors, nurses and other team members, having lifesaving medicines and treatments, knowing about diet and exercise is not enough. What is needed is carefully planned (strategic) and constantly revisited plan of care, that is agreed upon, communicated by ALL the team members including the patient and family. A single well intended change of a medication or missing any important change in how you feel, or your activity level is a potential misstep.

THE GOAL is to create a plan to get you the very best care as consistently as possible, with you being at the hub and in control. We often call this optimal care. It might not surprise you that most patients are often getting some but rarely ALL of the right therapies, at the right doses and often team members have varying opinions about what the best treatments are. All of that is fine but it needs discussion and a plan that is adhered to until it is changed by consensus!


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Again, welcome to your home and your hub for Strategic Heart Failure. Wishing you Success and let's get Strategic!

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