Strategic Heart Failure

Strategic Heart Failure (SHF) is truly a distillation of everything Dr. Silver learned caring for thousands of patients with all forms of heart failure. He realized that being dedicated and compassionate was not enough. He realized that his work on clinical trials, research, training other men and women, serving on national guideline committees, being an Editor in Chief of a heart failure journal and even being one of the first Board Certified Fellows in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant was not enough. Even having one of the finest and most dedicated teams was not enough.

This was the birth of SHF... it was the daily work, self-reflection and most importantly the understanding that optimal care came only with a tightly integrated and supportive TEAM effort.

In the book you will learn key information including: And the truth is that SHF is an approach that is of value to anyone with heart failure but also can be applied to any other chronic disease.

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